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Benefits of a Custom Vanity Phone Number

As a professional in the Financial industry, you need to look trustworthy as your customers are trusting you with their cash, credit and other financial transactions. A custom vanity phone number is a quick and easy way for people to reach you, and make it easy for customers to refer you and your banking services.

If you're in the Financial industry, opting for a vanity phone number grabs people's attention, improve advertising response rates, and builds a strong relationship with prospects right from the start.

By promoting your expertise on advertisements, business cards, radio, television, social media, etc., you can see a 60% increase in calls and leads. Use our easy-to-use search tool to hone in and get ideas using keywords and phrases that match your current company's name, locality, marketing initiatives, branding, etc.

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How it Looks

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Why Custom Phone Number?

Benefits of a Custom Phone Number

Skyrocket Your Calls and Leads

Custom vanity numbers improve a prospect's recall rate, which also significantly improve the odds that they will pick up the phone and call when they need the services offered by the companies utilizing the numbers. You can expect a 60% improvement in recall rates for a vanity number vs a generic phone number.

Acts as a Marketing Tool

Using a specific toll-free or vanity phone number per marketing channel, website, print, PPC advertising, and radio will help you pinpoint what strategies are most effective in order to generate the best results from you advertising.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Your competitor's ads are everywhere. What separates you from them? A custom vanity phone number helps your number stand out from the rest out of the ads, and stays in your prospects head longer.


Prospects don't have to scour the internet, they can simply call you by spelling out the service, company or phrase

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Look Professional with a Virtual Receptionist

Don't keep clients waiting. Virtual Receptionist provides helpful information and handles incoming calls professionally - making it easy for callers to reach you. Additionally, build menu options like "Press 1 to get a loan, Press 2 to speak to a representative, Press 3 to know about business loans, etc."

Multiple Phone Extensions

Add extensions to route incoming calls to different departments or employees. Make it easy for callers to reach the right person or department at your business or setup an extension to deliver pre-recorded information about your office hours, product information, services and other information.

Stay Connected on the Go

Using iTeleCenter's mobile app, you can call and text clients no matter where you are - bank, road, or at a client's location.

Text Your Customers

Customers prefer text messages than email because it's quick and easy. Send and receive unlimited texts about loans, updates, company events, etc.

Call Recording for Accurate Details and Quality Assurance

Listen to calls and double-check details and other information to help serve your clients better. You can easily listen, download, and share call recordings via our mobile app or any computer.

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