7 Proven Reasons Why You Need a Toll-Free Number for Your Business

A TACOS business using toll-free number to communicate with the customers

toll-free number is the need of the hour, considering the demands of the present-day market. It facilitates an easy, convenient way for the customers to reach your business through phone calls and text messages without incurring any charges – something that many customers look for before they interact with a business.  

But is it a worthy investment? Let’s find out why.  

What are Toll-Free Numbers? 

toll-free number is a freephone number billed for all incoming calls instead of charging the caller. The numbers usually begin with distinct three-digit area codes, such as 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833 and are commonly known as 800 numbers. Having a toll-free number essentially allows your customers to reach your customer support team without incurring any charges. These are known as ‘toll-free calls.’  

Experts suggest that if your business depends a lot on customer interaction or leads trying to reach you, a toll-free number can prove to be a valuable weapon in your arsenal. A toll-free number can also be pivotal in helping you expand your business and establish a nationwide presence. 

Why are Toll-Free Number Integral for Your Business? 

Now that you know what a toll-free number is, let’s try to understand why you must consider integrating it for your business.  

Boosts Customer Satisfaction

In a competitive business scenario, any inconvenience can compel your customers to look for options. They are not likely to engage with your business unless you ensure complete customer satisfaction. 

A tried and tested strategy is to secure a toll-free number in USA for your organization. It helps bridge the gap between you and your customers and boosts the retention rate. All you need is a diligent staff who’s always available to take their calls.  

Further, toll-free calls don’t levy any charges on them and are reachable 24/7. This installs a sense of confidence that the business is dedicated to catering to their needs. 

Easy to Remember and Dial

toll-free number for business is simple and easy to remember – making it easier for customers to dial whenever they need assistance. You can also use it as a marketing tool as toll-free vanity numbers significantly boost brand recall value during advertisement campaigns.  

Example of Toll-Free Numbers: 

(888) 234-5678 

(877) 90-CHOCOLATE 

888 and 877 are the toll-free codes, 234 and 90 are the area codes, and 5678 and CHOCOLATE are the business’s phone numbers. These number combinations are not only easy to remember but also provide an opportunity to come up with a clever marketing motto.  

Exudes Professionalism

toll-free number makes your business appear more established and professional. It gives the impression that your organization can be trusted and is dedicated to meet the customers’ requirements. To top it all, it will pave the way for your business to expand beyond the local market and attract customers from all over the United States.  

Enhances Brand Credibility

While toll-free numbers are integral to the operations of large coronations, they are turning out to be equally important for small and mid-sized businesses.  

When you’re new to the market, you would have a hard time convincing your customers to trust your products. A toll-free number can help you appear more credible and trustworthy. It boosts brand identity and makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Creates a Unified Company Identity   

If you are a business that is operating across several cities, customers might get confused about who to reach. This is an issue that can be tackled easily by using a toll-free number.  

Your toll-free number can be a single point of contact for customers across the United States, and they can reach you without having to look for numbers based on location and department. This creates a distinct, unified image of your company, essential to lure customers on a large scale. 

Makes a Business Portable

800 numbers for business make a business portable. Even if there’s a need to shift base, toll-free numbers will make your business remain accessible from all parts of the United States.  

The worst thing is, losing all your valued clients who wouldn’t know where you have gone. But with a toll-free number, you can relocate your business, and your customers can still keep in touch. They can reach your team on your unique toll-free number 24/7.  

Helps Analyze the Marketing Campaigns

We’ve already discussed the concept of vanity numbers and how it can be morphed into a marketing tool to attract some intrigued customers. But did you ever figure that a toll-free number can also help you track the progress of your marketing campaigns? It’s simple!  
Imagine that you’ve put your toll-free numbers on the internet, billboards, or maybe even in the newspapers. When you receive a call, how would you figure out where the customers got the number from? It’s easy! Toll-free numbers come with an extension. You can use different extensions to associate them with a particular marketing campaign.  

For example, you can use a specific extension for the number you’ve put on the billboard and a different one for the number on the internet. You can use your phone records to compare your different marketing campaigns at the end of each month.  

How to Get a Toll-Free Number for Your Business? 

The only way to get a toll-free number is to find a toll-free service provider. But that won’t be an issue for you. There are several business phone service providers in the market, each offering different plans. All you need to do is compare their prices and services and choose one that best fits your needs.  

NumberInventory is one of the leading providers of toll-free numbers in the United States. You’ll have millions of options to choose from and experts to guide you through the entire buying process.  

A Few Words Before Wrapping Up

A toll-free numbers for business is becoming increasingly common in the modern-day business ecosystem. Using toll-free numbers increases your business’s call volume, drives up sales, and boosts customer satisfaction. It is a stellar marketing tool that is often ignored and is hurting the business’s true potential.