How a 954 Area Code Number Can Help Your Business Flourish?

A business using 954 area code number for establishing local presence

Although many new channels of communication have surfaced in recent years, most business deals are still conducted over phone calls. To market your products and services to your clients, your priority should be to make yourself accessible to them. A good telecommunication plan for your business can work wonders.  

The area code of the company represents the location of your business. Marketing your area code to drive local customers from your community is imperative for running a successful business. Something like the 954 area code number that is easy to remember and access can give your business the competitive edge that can make all the difference. The code that you choose for your local business can even dictate the tempo of your profits.  

Using designated area codes helps businesses automate telephone calls and route them to a specific region in the country. The area code 954, for example, represents Broward County, Florida, and surrounding regions.  

Here’s everything you need to know about the area code 954

954 Area Code Location History

Till 1994, the 305 area code served Broward County for about half a century. As Florida flourished, leading to exponential growth in population, the need for another local area code was felt. This led to the rise in popularity of 954 local phone numbers in Boward County.

The number of new landlines and mobile numbers with 954 area codes is still short in supply. Only local businesses and residents are allowed to acquire new 954 landline or phone numbers. There’s no denying that it can significantly boost your business credibility and contribute to your overall brand-building endeavors.

Where is Area Code 954? 

The area code 954 phone number primarily serves major parts of the Southern state of Florida. These are local phone numbers that allow local businesses to interact with customers from South Florida – a flourishing market for a broad spectrum of industries.  

Where is Area Code 954 from?  

Speaking of the area code 954 location, it covers the major parts of Florida where the 954 number operates. The USA area code 954 represents Broward County in Florida and covers the major cities of Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Coral Springs, Miramar, and many more.  

Where is Area Code 954 in Florida? 

As mentioned earlier, the 954 area code is available in all major parts of Florida, covering a massive area of about 1215 square miles. The state of Florida is located on the South-Eastern edge of the United States.  

Situated on the East Coast, Florida shares the same time zone as New York City. The area code 754 is the overlay code that shares the same geographical space as the location of area code 954. However, 954 is a more recognizable number among consumers than the elusive 754 overlays, making it a productive option for luring local customers, tourists, and visitors. 

How to Call a 954 Area Code Phone Number? 

Here’s how you can make a phone call to a 954 area code phone number: 

  •  First, Dial 954, that is the area code. 
  • Next, Dial the 7-digit phone number. 

That’s it!  

Why Should You Choose the Florida Area Code? 

A business’s phone area code can speak volumes about the kind of operation they conduct. Receiving a call from the “954” number is associated with the lavish lifestyle from South Florida – of tourism, shorelines, vacation, and partying. The 954 code can thus serve as a subtle marketing tool for any business. It also makes your business more accessible to local Floridian customers as well as the many tourists that visit the state during different parts of the year. 

Florida, erstwhile known as “The Sunshine State”, is great for business, owing to its year-round warm and inviting climate. Tourism is a major driving force behind the growth of different local businesses in the state. Travel enthusiasts all over the United States arrive in South Florida to bask in different attractions like the world-renowned yearly boating festival or the large convention centre.  

This is where businesses get lucrative opportunities to tap into a diverse and keen market. For South Florida businesses, area code 954 can serve as a great tool for growing their profits.  

Area Codes Near the Florida Area Code 954 

Fort Lauderdale, FL – 754 / 954 

Cape Coral, FL – 239 

Miami, FL – 305 / 786 

West Palm Beach, FL – 561 

Lakeland, FL – 863 

Why Should You Get a 954 Area Code Phone Number for My Business?

As already mentioned, the area code 954 serves Broward County, Florida, USA. If you plan to start your business in Florida, you must have a local phone number that customers can relate to and call without paying for long-distance charges. A virtual phone number with a 954 area code will help you establish a local presence.

What are The Benefits of Using Area Code 954? 

The success of any business-related decision is dictated by the return on investment. Something as seemingly simple as a company number isn’t expected to have an impact on a business’s performance. But that’s where people lack vision. The area code 954 is popular among local customers in Florida as well as tourists and visitors. Here’s how the 954 area code in the USA can help your business: 

Diverse Market

The 954 area code location caters to major parts of South Florida. The state itself is massive machinery for success built upon the growth of many industries, including tourism, agriculture, education, healthcare, and so on.  

The tourism industry, in particular, is growing because of the many attractions that represent the state of Florida. People from diverse backgrounds and regions travel to Florida at different times of the year, making it a hotspot for local businesses to flourish. 

Lower Tax Rates

The 954 area code, US represents another strong point for aspiring businesses – reduced tax burdens. Although Floridians are still subjected to the standard federal income taxes, the State Constitution protects businesses from being burdened under high tax rates.  This is partly why so many businesses are venturing into Florida and surrounding regions.  

Enhanced Business Credibility

Customers, especially tourists, enjoy engaging with businesses that operate over a local area. Tourists in Florida are not acquainted with local Floridian businesses. So how do they distinguish a standard business from a local business in Florida? They look for the area code. The area code 954  signifies that your business is a traditionally Floridian business, boosting your sales.  

Increased Accessibility 

A company phone number with area codes makes your business more accessible to all the potential customers in a local area. So, where is the 954 area code located? The code represents Florida, a state bustling with competitive labor markets, industries, and flourishing businesses. Amidst such a competitive business scenario, the only way to stay ahead of your peers is to make everything convenient for the customers, including phone calls.  

A company number with the area code of 954 will make it easier for Floridians to reach out to your business at any hour. It’ll also boost the productivity of your Customer Relations team, something that is crucial for the sustenance of any aspiring business.  

Higher Standard of Living 

Businesses thrive in states where the standard of living is comparatively higher for citizens. As of January 2019, the minimum wage in Florida was $8.46 hourly.  

At the same time, the cost of living in Florida is relatively higher, only outshone by more extravagant regions like New York, Chicago, and so on. The higher standards of living allow citizens to spend more. The recent advent of start-ups being founded in Florida can be attributed to the state’s rich lifestyle. This throws open a lot of opportunities for local businesses to grow and thrive.  

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How to Get 954 Area Code Number? 

NumberInventory has made the process of getting 954 local numbers a whole lot simpler.  

Here’s what you need to do: 

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And that’s it!  


The 954 area code is specific to major parts of Florida, the Southern hub for upcoming and established businesses. There is a vast market in cities like Fort Lauderdale, waiting to be tapped by aspiring businesses.  

One way to lure in these local customers and tourists is to use the “954” number to market your business to potential clients who wish to engage with local businesses. In a competitive landscape, something as simple and ignored as a local area code can be what separates you from your competition.  

The marketing potential of the “954” code number is immense. With smart investments, your business can flourish by using area code 954 for your telecommunication needs.