What’s a Vanity Phone Number and Why Should You Get One for Your Business?

What is a vanity phone number

The business ecosystem worldwide is witnessing a paradigm shift due to rapidly evolving consumer behavior. Regular communication with the customers is the key to cater to their requirements and remain ahead of the curve. Vanity phone numbers can be integral for your business if you seek ways to communicate with the customers seamlessly. It’ll help your prospects reach you easily and build a sense of trust that your business is genuinely dedicated to serving the customers.  

But what’s a vanity number, and how can it provide your business with the much-needed boost? Here’s everything you need to know about vanity phone numbers. Let’s dive right in!  

What Is a Vanity Phone Number?   

Your business phone number is not just a combination of digits but a direct means for your existing customers and prospects to get in touch with you and know more about your offerings. Despite phone numbers being the most accessible mode of communication, they are difficult to remember.   

Your number can be just a Google search away, but it’s always best to make it as seamless as possible for your customers to remember.  

Vanity numbers are an excellent option for your customers as they are easy to retain in the memory. The result? Increased call volume and sales. According to Home Business Mag, using vanity phone numbers in advertising strategy can increase client response by up to 25 – 50%.   

A vanity phone number is a phone number that’s custom-made for a business. It has a unique sequence of numbers and alphabets that’s easy to remember and communicate for the customers. Further, a vanity phone number allows businesses to use a local area code even if they are not physically located in the same area. For instance, 1-800-Flowers is a vanity phone number, where 1-800 is the number, and ‘Flowers’ is the type of business. 

Vanity Phone Numbers Examples: 

1-800-Flowers                            515-800-PIZZA 

1-800-356-9377                          515-800-74992 

Your customers can use a local phone number to communicate, even if your team is located overseas. Best of all, they will feel more confident calling a local vanity number, as they know that your team is dedicated to serving them in that area.   

That’s not all! Vanity phone numbers also boost marketing endeavors. Advertising on radio, television, and digital platforms has proven to be highly effective with vanity phone numbers as they significantly increase the daily call volume, ultimately increasing sales and revenue. 

How Do Vanity Numbers Work?   

Now that you know what a vanity number is, let’s try understanding how it works. A vanity number works via the internet. It leverages Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to ensure seamless communication between you and your customers. They are cheaper compared to traditional phone systems and help establish a 24/7 communication system.   

Unlike traditional phone systems, vanity numbers come equipped with a plethora of features for businesses to leverage and establish a foolproof communication system. This includes but is not limited to analysis, call redirection, call monitoring, customized greetings, and much more.   

With vanity numbers, you can keep your business online until you are connected to the internet. The connected (either your computer system or smartphone) device can be used to forward all incoming calls to any mobile phone or land phone number.   

Why Use a Vanity Phone Number?   

Here are some of the noteworthy benefits that your business can reap from a vanity phone number:   

 Improves the Quality of Customer Service  

A number that’s easy to remember makes it easy for the customers to recall and get in touch. This means that they are more likely to get in touch with your team if they need assistance instead of complaining to your friends or writing a negative review online. The outcome? It’ll significantly improve customer satisfaction.   

Further, your customers can also use the vanity phone number to place an order or know more about your products and services. The customer support team, on the other hand, can gather feedback from the customers and improve their existing product line.   

Boosts Marketing Endeavors  

A vanity phone number boosts the marketing endeavors by being the medium of contact during online advertisements and on traditional platforms.  Your customers will be able to know what your business does and make it their preferred choice when they are looking for a similar product(s)/ service(s). A vanity phone number also helps the customers understand where your business is serviceable and areas of expertise.   

Takes the Brand to the Next Level  

Vanity phone numbers play an integral role in multiplying the brand identity of a business and taking it to the next level. The easier it is to remember the phone number, the seamless it is for the customers to reach out to the customer support team and start a conversation. Word-of-mouth and recommendations are still the most effective forms of marketing.   

Vanity phone numbers make it extremely easy for your prospects and existing customers to share your brand’s contact information. Further, people love talking about creative phone numbers, which eventually contribute to the overall brand-building efforts.   

Helps in Building Professionalism  

Vanity phone numbers are pivotal in helping a business establish itself as a professional entity. Quite often, customers associate custom business numbers with professionalism and expertise in the trade. As a business owner, you can leverage vanity phone numbers to establish a professional image and as a veteran of the trade whom your customers can trust blindfolded.   

Is Vanity Number Toll-Free? 

Vanity numbers are usually toll-free. When purchasing a vanity number, you must consider whether your business needs a toll-free number. In most cases, the companies opt for toll-free vanity numbers as they are easier to operate than local vanity numbers and help bridge the gap between you and your customers 24/7.   

The most exciting part about toll free vanity phone numbers is that they don’t charge a premium despite establishing seamless communication. Speaking of the cost, you need to pay the fee charged by the service provider.  

However, when purchasing a toll-free number, you must remember that these numbers are not meant to be traded, hoarded, or resold. There’s no provision to buy a toll-free number for storing/ selling it after a few months or years.   

How Do I Buy an 800 Vanity Number?   

Vanity phone numbers starting with 800 are toll-free numbers that can prove to be an effective marketing tool for your business. 800, 888877866855844 and 833 are toll-free area codes which, when dialed, don’t impose any charge to the caller. Toll-free numbers are being extensively used by the customers as they are a free and convenient way for them to contact your team.   

As mentioned earlier in the blog, a seamless means of communication is critical for success. If you are planning to buy vanity phone numbers for your business, you need to select your preferred number and a trusted provider who can provide you with a host of options to choose from at affordable pricing, as a rule of thumb. It’s always best to choose a provider directly linked to the national registry.  If you want your customers to contact you without them paying any charges, you’ll need an 800 toll-free number. This is the reason why businesses are opting for 800-vanity numbers.   

What Are Local Vanity Numbers for Businesses? 

Vanity numbers are not limited to toll-free numbers. You can even get local numbers with respective area codes. The local vanity numbers have an alphanumeric combination corresponding to the telephone numbers. Some common examples of local vanity phone numbers

201-888-MEATBALLS                215-800-WINGS              515-800-PIZZA 

Local vanity phone numbers increase the exposure of the business in the local market by garnering interest among the target audience. The most significant advantage is that people remember these numbers easily because the alphanumeric combination usually represents a characteristic of the business.   

Local vanity numbers play a determining role in building brand recognition and strengthening the position of a business in the industry. Further, it makes it easy for the customers to contact the customer support team if they want their services.    

An easy-to-remember phone number can go a long way in helping you build a dedicated customer base. It can help your team provide top-notch customer support. Moreover, it can help you narrow down which form of marketing best fits your business by tracking the call volume from every source.  

What are Some Vanity Number Features?   

Vanity phone numbers can be integral in helping you spike your sales and revenue. Here are some of the features that’ll increase your ROI:   

Caller Details   

Vanity numbers provide a detailed overview of the caller using the recent census data based on zip code. This will help you target specific markets and formulate a list of callers trying to reach your business.   

An Aggregate of Calls and Missed Calls  

Vanity numbers come equipped with call tracking and reporting systems. Whenever your customer tries to reach your business, the system gets activated. This way, you can keep track of all the calls/ missed calls. You will also be able to ensure that your team remains in touch with the customers and is not missing out on any opportunities.   

Call Recordings  

Vanity numbers have in-built call recording systems. You can seamlessly listen to all the conversations whenever required. This will help you monitor whether your team is having a productive conversation.   

Call Volume  

Vanity phone numbers will also help you keep track of your call volume. You can determine which time of the day or week you receive the most calls. Further, it’ll help you keep track of the performance of your commercials as you can determine when your call volume reaches the maximum.   

What Coverage Do Vanity Numbers Provide?   

Vanity numbers provide coverage throughout the United States. Here are the options available for vanity numbers:  

Statewide Coverage   

These numbers can be licensed, with coverage only within a specific state. However, your customers can only reach you with a number having a local or state code.  

Multi-State and Regional Coverage  

You also have the option to opt for coverage in a few states or regions. This is a better option if you have branches in more than one state or when your target or existing customers travel interstate frequently.   

Nationwide Coverage   

Nationwide coverage is the most exhaustive option. It’ll ensure that your business remains accessible from all parts of the United States.   

How Much Do Vanity Phone Numbers Cost?   

Here’s a detailed sneak peek into the pricing system of vanity phone numbers in the United States:  

Parts of the Local Phone Number  

To understand how a vanity phone number is priced, you must know the different components of the number. There are three main parts:   

  • The code of the area, which is usually associated with a geographic region. Toll-free numbers usually have (8XX) “area code”. 
  • The area code of the geography is followed by the prefix or NXX.  These are usually 202, 200, or 220.   

  • The line number or the last 4-digits. This can be a combination of alphabets or digits. For example, 5555 or HOME.   

The pricing equation evaluates all these factors, considers their rarity or specialty, and generates a value.   

Area Code  

The first three digits of a 10-digit number are the area code, indicating the geographical location. There are two different area code categories – toll-free and local. The toll-free numbers have area codes starting with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833 while local numbers have area codes specific to the geographic location.  The toll-free numbers have an infinite value and are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission.  

Prefix (NXX)  

The area code is followed by the prefix or NXX. It’s further categorized into premium, pattern, or random. The premium numbers are repeated digits, while pattern segments are easier to remember and dial.  The random numbers, on the other hand, are not sequential.   

The order of the premium numbers determines how easy the number is to remember. The pricing for random digits starts just under $100 and increases depending on how rare the number is.   

Number Line (Last 4-digits)  

The last four digits are also a determining factor of the net price. Depending on the prefix, the order of the last four digits can make the number vanity, and it can charge you a premium. It can be a call-to-action or a branding statement with a phrase. The price for such numbers can be $500 to over $100,000.  

7-Digit Vanity Numbers that spell a word or phrase with only the area code containing numbers are among the most premium of the lot, as they are the rarest.   

How to Get Vanity Phone Numbers for Your Business?  

Setting up a vanity phone number with NumberInventory is extremely easy. All you need to choose is, choose your preferred prefix and a preferred keyword. Once you enter those and search, you’ll have a host of options to choose from.  

You can select your preferred vanity phone number(s) and add it to the cart. Moving forward, select the checkout option, fill in your contact information, and make the payment. Your vanity phone number will be live.   


Buy Your Favorite Vanity Phone Number and Bolster Sales   

Get your preferred vanity number from NumberInventory with just a few clicks and make it easier for your customers and prospects to reach you. With pocket-friendly pricing and a plethora of benefits, vanity phone numbers can significantly boost your brand.